Small Paperwork

When you enter our office, we are going to provide you with some brief paperwork that you need to fill out. This paperwork will give us a general overview about yourself and your condition.

New Patient Intake – Download to print new patient form
Medical Release Form – Download to print medical records release form


After completing the paperwork, you can then proceed to a consultation with our doctor to talk about all of your health-related issues and concerns, including possible treatment options.

Background Check and Examination

For us to determine the actual issue you are faced with, our doctor is going to ask you several questions that are related to your condition. You will then be asked to undergo a few specialized tests to find out which tissues in your body are problematic and to what extent they are affected.

Undergo X-Ray

If you have a specific condition, we may require you to undergo x-rays so that we can identify other conditions that may turn up serious. We also do this to help create the most effective treatment that you can get from us.

Treatment on the Same Day

When you’re done with the examination and have undergone all appropriate studies, you will then be provided with the initial treatment during the same visit. This can include physical therapies, spinal adjustments, and/or soft tissue therapies.

Instructions at Home

Before leaving, all patients will be provided instructions on specific procedures or activities that needs to be conducted at home. This can include heat or ice application instructions, avoidance of some positions or activities, including home exercises and stretches.

Next Appointment

We are going to provide an appointment time for your follow-up visit that is convenient to you. Usually, our patients are seen a day or two later and are given a complete review of the findings. We will also discuss the treatment options that you can take for your specific condition.

Insurance and Payment

Most health insurance are gladly accepted at our establishment. Those who need our chiropractic services but lack insurance don’t have to worry. We provide highly affordable rates and flexible payment options that will allow high quality care that is within the budget of you and your family.

ACN – Download to print the United Health Care patient summary form.


Please make sure that you arrive on time or give Natural Health Houston a call prior to the appointment schedule if you cannot make it as a means to be respectful to the medical needs of the other patients. We are going to reallocate this time to treat someone else instead who requires our services. If you have to cancel your appointment schedule, we will require you to call 24 hours ahead of time. All appointments to our facility are in high demand. This means that if you cancel your appointment promptly, another person will be able to benefit from our treatment on time.