Fast Results and Permanent Relief With Our New Drug-Free & Surgery-Free Laser Treatment

If you have been suffering from various neuromuscular disorders in awhile but can’t find a suitable treatment for your condition, here’s some good news for you: even without surgery and prescription drugs, you can live a healthier and happier lifestyle again with the power of laser therapy. Laser therapy provides permanent relief without the use of any invasive or painful procedure, like what one would experience in a surgery. Long-term relief can be yours, as well, without the need for prescription drugs or the consumption of artificial chemicals.

Long-term recovery can be yours with the revolutionary Class IV K-Laser Therapy!

Why Choose K-Laser?

There are many benefits K-Laser is capable of providing where other treatments may fall short. For starters, K-Laser is designed to provide relief for pain and inflammation caused by neuromuscular disorders such as muscle strains, repetitive stress injuries, neck pain or whiplash, osteoarthritis, and many others. As K-Laser relieves damaged or inflamed areas of the body, it regenerates the damaged tissues that lie underneath, at the same time. All these are made possible by the Class-IV Laser spectrum which is used in the K-Laser system.

K-Laser not only heals the primary source of acute or chronic pain in your body, it also increases blood circulation throughout your body and encourages your immune system to act faster than ever. With a treatment system like this, you can say goodbye to side effects, swelling, stiffness, and pain that are common in other forms of invasive procedures.

What Makes K-Laser Unique?

K-Laser is unique from other laser therapies primarily due to its components. It makes use of the powerful Class IV Laser Spectrum, which is designed to penetrate deeper into the tissue structure, relieve more volumes of tissues, and increase one’s range of motion during the treatment process. In other words, this spectrum targets the deep-seated sources of pain and discomfort.

Ready for Your First K-Laser Treatment?

Your first K-Laser treatment will require little to no preparation. Every K-Laser therapy session will take no more than 4 or 8 minutes, depending on the treatment required. You may experience some improvement immediately after your first treatment, but for more severe conditions, relief may be experienced after a few scheduled, regular treatments. For other acute or chronic conditions, it is important for you to schedule regular treatments with your chiropractor. At least 3 or 4 sessions are required before one can experience the effects of laser recovery.

For neuromuscular disorders that are coupled with acute pain or significant discomfort that can affect your daily lifestyle, daily treatment is highly recommended. For other chronic disorders, treatments may be scheduled twice or thrice a week. Of course, as your condition improves, treatments may be tapered down to weekly treatments, or treatments every other week.

K-Laser therapy can be your primary treatment, or it can also be a supplementary solution to your existing treatments. K-Laser therapies may be used in conjunction with your regular chiropractic massage, physical therapy, and soft tissue mobilization, electro-therapy, or even, minor-surgeries. Tandem therapies can promote faster healing; if this interests you, ask your chiropractor about complementary healing methods.

What You Can Expect from a K-Laser Therapy?

First-time therapies can be slightly nerve-wracking, but most K-Laser therapy patients remark that theirs has always been a pain-free experience.

For first time patients, you may experience slight tingling sensations on or around areas of extreme pain or inflammation, but this can become less noticeable in later treatments. Generally, you will experience little to no sensation, aside from a mild, warm tingling feeling over the treatment area.

This relatively pain-free experience makes K-Therapy a preferred choice among patients with low pain tolerance.

Explore K-Laser Today

The K-Laser Therapy experience bring you healing at a cellular and tissue level. The laser therapy not only reduces pain and inflammation, every application of the laser’s red and near-infrared wavelengths allows soft and hard tissues to heal faster by drawing oxygen and nutrients over the affected areas. This process targets areas that show swelling, muscle spasms, and stiffness first, and gradually repairs the injured area after regular treatments.

As K-Laser repairs the more apparent areas of pain and swelling, it triggers the second wave of healing known as microcirculation. This process is occurs when the red blood cells and hemoglobin generate more blood and oxygen over the affected, or treated, area. Finally, this continuous healing movement allows the cells to accept photons of light from the laser, which is proven to individually heal every affected cell.

If you’re ready for a drug-free, pain-free treatment, explore K-Laser Therapy, learn more by speaking with our experts.