Causes of Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain is most commonly caused by irritation or injury to the muscles and ligaments of the thoracic spine. The high incidence of poor postural habits, lack of adequate exercise and muscle conditioning, as well as the ever more popular “seated” lifestyles of Americans are all major contributors.

Chiropractors work hard to identify the exact problems of mid back pain so that only the safest and most effective treatments can be provided. Since the majority of mid back pain cases are caused by soft tissue problems or have a significant soft tissue component, hands on chiropractic treatments are extremely beneficial and have been shown to be superior to other forms of “back” care.

Common events leading or contributing to the development of mid back pain include:

incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries
lack of proper and periodic thoracic spinal alignments
presence of thoracic spine subluxations
improper lifting techniques
auto accidents
improper workstation setup
poor posture
prolonged sitting
prolonged use of non-ergonomically designed equipment
excessive repetitive torsal motions
scoliosis (lateral deviation of the spine)
physical inactivity
poor diet and nutritional practices

Structures which are often the source of lower back pain include:

thoracic facet joints and capsules
thoracic paraspinal muscles and ligaments
costovertebral joints (joints between the thoracic vertebrae and ribs)
thoracic intervertebral discs
thoracic spinal nerves