The foundation of ideal health begins with the proper diet consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the correct ratios for you individual physiology. From that diet you want to receive the proper micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, water, etc.). Due to over farming, genetically modified and processed foods much of that base nutrition is lost and simply insufficient. If you are eating the wrong food combinations or those that you are sensitive or allergic to (i.e. gluten, too many carbs, etc.), then your digestion system and subsequently your hormonal systems start to get taxed. If your micro-nutrient assimilation or density of nutrients becomes a deficient then your normally spinning physiology begins to suffer that leads to you not “feeling right” but still nothing can be diagnosed.

As the decline continues, signs and symptoms develop that will then be combined and subsequently labelled a disease. In the United States only drugs treat disease. We do not treat disease, instead we search to find the sources of your individual dysfunction that preceded your disease development. We do refer to medical providers and specialists for opinions, co-management or when more severe levels of intervention are required.


Your structural alignment helps you to properly oppose gravity. It is very important that you oppose gravity efficiently with proper posture and spinal biomechanics. Our bodies are designed to move, stretch and exercise. We have to exercise to maintain that system. The right type of exercises can not only help the body maintain optimal weight but improve sugar handling, increase growth hormone, modify our immune system and decrease dementia risk. We are not meant to sit at a computer for 12+ hours a day.


Encased in your skull and spine is your brain and spinal cord. Think of this as your computer with direct connected spinal nerve roots that communicate with every aspect of your body. Those nerves send impulses (data) to every tissue, muscle, and organ system in your body. Those nerves are insulated with myelin that is derived from essential fats and vitamins. The data within those nerves are transmitted via neurotransmitters derived from amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Your brain also serves as wireless router and it can communicate with itself via its own electromagnetic field. Cell phones and wireless Internet can cause issues within this field. As chiropractors we identify what we call subluxations or areas of restriction within the spine and extremities that cause interference both mechanically and chemically to these delicate nerves thus interfering with how your body needs to talk to itself.


Your emotional well being is much of how you see yourself and react to others. It is very important to see yourself healthy. Many hormones and neuro-chemicals play in how your body can think, react to stress and operate. Your diet, your gut and your genetics are all a part of optimal self-expression.

Treating the Patient, not the Disease.

Anyone, no matter what the status of their health, can benefit from taking steps to improve health by working on these core fundamentals. Amazing things happen when you facilitate the body to do what it is designed to do. Remove the interference, restore the communication and provide it with the raw materials and watch what happens.

The Important of Wellness Care

Good health is more than just not being sick. Health is optimal functioning with the absence of symptoms of all organs and systems within the body. This is attained by balancing the body’s electrical, chemistry, structure, and good mental health.

A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

Most imbalances in health that lead to illness can be addressed. Many can be substantially improved while some can be completely restored to optimum function. But, prevention is paramount. Virtually every chronic illness is preceded by long-term disturbances in function that can be identified and effectively managed. Changing how the systems function can have a major impact on health. A Functional Medicine Practitioner examines a wide array of available interventions, treatments, and customises a plan that will have the most impact on the underlying cause of your illness.

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